Fermented Research

Research shows that consuming a single serving of fermented foods positively impacts health.

“Scientists are now replacing antibiotics with probiotics to prevent and cure certain diseases.”

Evidence supports that daily use of foods, like Unpeeled, have been shown to treat these medical conditions:

  • Probiotics increase IgA, an intestinal immunoglobulin that helps fight infections and prevents allergies.  Journal NutritionMarch, 2007
  • Diarrhea, probiotics help crowd out diarrhea-causing bacteria like E. Coli and Clostridium difficile.
  • Probiotics prevent and improve symptoms of inflammatory bowel, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s diseases.  American Family Physician, May, 2005.
  • Probiotics help lower the risk of getting cancer in several ways.  Int. J. Cancer, 2008.  AJCN, Feb., 2007.

What is Kombucha:

Kombucha is rich in B vitamins and a substance called glucuronic acid which binds up environmental and metabolic toxins so that they can be excreted through the kidneys. Glucuronic acid is a natural acid that is produced by the liver. Kombucha simply supplies the body with more and boosts the natural detoxification process. Glucuronic acid is also the building block of a group of important polysaccharides that include hyaluronic acid (a basic component of connective tissue), chondroitin sulfate (a basic component of cartilage) and mucoitinsulfuric acid (a building block of the stomach lining and the vitreous humor of the eye).

Fermented foods are enzyme rich foods that are alive with microorganisms. These raw foods allow beneficial microorganisms to live in our intestinal Gastrointestinal Tract (GI) tract. A healthy GI is critical for a strong immune system. Diets rich in fermented foods, as well as whole fruits and unheated vegetables, are best for us in order to maintain a strong healthy body. Heat processing and pasteurization kills all good bacteria and enzymes in food and beverages.

Fermented foods aid in digestion, promote healthy micro-organisms in our GI tract, produce beneficial enzymes, offer us better nutrition and allow our bodies to absorb more nutrition from the foods we eat. They regulate the level of pH in the GI tract and act as anti-oxidants. Fermented foods contain the same isothiocyanates found in whole unheated vegetables and therefore help fight and prevent some cancers.

  • Source: Weston Price Institute