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  1. says

    Loved all the flavors and the results are mind boggling. I felt very acid and after a few days feel balanced again. My kids love it as well. I will start buying by the case.

  2. says

    I second the motion to have Unpeeled available to purchase in downtown Minneapolis during the business day! There has to be a store or two that would carry your products and I know I would gladly buy it!

  3. John says

    I can’t believe how GREAT Unpeeled tastes, besides how good it is for you.
    I start each morning drinking half a bottle, a Perfect way to start the day.

  4. Robert says

    Just discovered this AMAZING product! The effects on the digestive health are quick and wonderful!!! Prior to drinking a bottle I hadn’t had a bowel movement by within an hour My stomach and intestines were singing your praises! I have had a bottle everyday since then. More people need to know about this stuff!!!!

  5. Susan says

    I love the products, esp. Mango. Wish I could buy wholesale! One question: What is the source of the flavoring that you have listed on the products, e.g., “organic mango flavor” and “organic strawberry lime flavor”? Thanks for any information.

  6. hovaard says

    wow is this stuff good! i mean, really good. i tried some other kombucha, and i liked it, but this is really, really, really tasty.
    well done and keep going!

  7. Marie says

    Hi! I was recently introduced to your product, and I love it! I have a quick question. I just found out I’m pregnant. I noticed on your label that your ingredients are unpasteurized. I know that doctors discourage pregnant women from consuming unpasteurized foods. Is your beverage safe for pregnant women? Thank you for this wonderful product!

  8. Annie says

    This is fantastic! Your distribution is still so small, I can’t believe more places aren’t clammoring for it. Are you hiring? – I want to sell this stuff, everyone needs to have it!!

  9. Adrienne M Sturm says

    I actually LIKE this stuff — especially the cranberry and the mango flavors! It reminds me of a “nectar” my Mom used to make when I was a kid. Best when quite cold, I too drink the whole bottle. Three servings? I don’t think so! It and/or the treatments I am having at the chiropractor’s office are helping me loose “achy” feelings I have had for YEARS!! I just wish it was “on sale” more often!

  10. Jeanna Machacek says

    I drink unpealed and synergy. I liked your original ” ginger flaver before you went to the bigger bottles. I infact grave the oringinal but you are not marketing this anymore? This would have been in the smaller bottle.

    • Ann says

      Hi Jeanna,
      We have reformulated based on requirements by the MN Dept. of Agriculture so I am sorry we cannot bring back the original ginger flavor. We would appreciate any suggestions on current flavor. Thank you for your feedback.

    • Ann says

      Hi Sandra,
      Thank you for your support!! Unpeeled has just a trace of alcohol (.01%) from the fermentation process.

  11. Daria Jmill says

    This beverage is saving my life! From misery of painful swelling it makes swelling go down, promotes good digestion and healthy bowel evacuation. I don’t know how I could do without it. Strawberry lime, spicy mojito and mango passion are real winners.

  12. Sandy says

    I’ve tried all flavors but one and fine I like all but the spicy. You’re right, one does develop somewhat of a craving. Well, at least it’s difficult to stop when there is still some in the bottle. That means 3 servings for me each time I open one. Hope that’s not unhealthy. It goes down very nicely and I don’t get that awful aftertaste after having too much sugary pop or coffee. One case is half gone already after only a few days. It’s nice to know there are several places near me where I can buy it. Great work! I hope this doesn’t take you away from your Chiropractic profession, however. That’s equally as important to those of us who are trying hard to stay healthy.

  13. Cherie says

    I like this Komboucha vs. the competitor that is out there, it is less harsh tasting kombucha, and the flavors are great!

  14. Rebecca says

    I was on vacation, eating terribly, constipation, gas, etc, and remembered a tip from my chiropracter to replenish the good bacteria in my tummy. I looked around the healthfood section of a market and found Kombucha. Interesting taste, but made me feel good and was able to eat a nice dinner, digestive problems solved. Now I’m craving it and am going to stock up to drink every day.

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